What is a Loss Assessor or Claims Consultant?


A Loss Assessor or Claims Consultant is a professional who is engaged in the preparation, negotiation and settlement of insurance and other claims on behalf of commercial and private policyholders.

A Public Loss Assessor PLA or Claims Consultant must be regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

Unregulated Individuals or companies who practice are not entitled to do so and will not recognized by Insurers or their service providers

Your Assessor/Consultant will handle all aspects of the claims process, meeting with the Insurance companies’ representatives, the Loss Adjuster or any other professional appointed by them, preparing your claim and negotiating the best possible settlement for you. They will also handle cases where liability for your claim has been refused by insurers, or where problems have arisen regarding policy liability or delays.

The Role of The Public Loss Assessor or Claims Consultant.

An insurance claim can be a devastating event for a business organisation or property owner. Your insurers will appoint a loss adjuster to represent them in all negotiations. You are entitled under the European Communities (Insurance Mediation) Regulations 2005 to appoint your own independent representation.

This will ensure you receive the best professional advice, and obtain the full entitlement from the Insurance cover you purchased

Members of the Association are there to protect the customers rights within the Insurance contract

Our members have Insurance, Construction, Legal and Business qualifications

We recommend you appoint a member of the Association to represent you.

Please contact us with details of your claim and we will arrange for one of our members to contact you and advise how they can help.

If you are considering the appointment an Assessor or Consultant, you must ensure that they are Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.